This area lies on the east side of The Ruined City, located in the south-east corner of Arnhem Land.

At noon time when the sun shines bright on the rocks and stark cliffs, there are two still rock holes and a  silver  river channel that joins them together during the wet season.

Sunlight, runs across the  ridges, the hills and  the tree tops bringing everything to life. This is the end of the dry season or winter time.

When the wet season storms and rains start this area changes, theres  huge water falls  from the top of these mountains pushing the water down to the rock holes .

I used to walk through the valleys, and creeks, and billabongs, across the rivers: we had to find our own tucker, and we knew where to go, hunting. Then we’d find a camp for the night. Bush flowers and all that, it was wonderful. Animals, trees, beautiful rocks. I was happy then. When I look at places, or imagine them, and I remember I was walking round there, or collecting sugarbag, or fishing, it makes me sad – a tear comes to my eye, and it reminds me of when I used to walk around with my brothers and sisters, or my mother.